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Chiropractic Care in Houston, TX
Reduce Pain,
Rejuvenate Health
& Restore Your Well-Being
At Healthcare Solutions, Dr. Shellie Smith's Houston-based Chiropractic Care Team will make you feel comfortable and cared for. We offer a wide range of services to reduce pain from head-to-toe, boost your sense of well-being, and rejuvenate your health.
chiropractor office spine model

Meet Dr. Shellie Smith, DC
Your journey towards improved Health & Wellness begins here.

Healthcare Solutions is a Houston-based Chiropractic/ Healthcare Practice led by Dr. Shellie N. Smith, DC.

Dr. Smith and her team provide compassionate Chiropractic Care with the goal of revitalizing the central nervous system, restoring overall wellness, and building a path toward improved health.

chiropractor dr shellie smith consults with a patient at her office in houston tx